Deditos (Children fascinated and filled with hope as they come into contact with God’s Word.)


Epena children in Colombia                                                          PAK7 launch of Deditos in Urdu


Mayan boy in Guatemala                                                  Viewing Deditos in the Philippines

EMDC webinar on what Deditos offers your project, Wednesday, 19 of October

Everything was geared for adults

Children need to know God from the time they are small, but it can be hard to share Bible stories with them in a way that is captivating AND true to Scripture.

Children need to know that God is not just any god, but the God of the Bible; the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He loves them so much that he gave his Son Jesus to save them from their sins. And he desires to see them flourish and grow.

Children need to have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.

Twenty years ago at Viña, the Guatemalan staff asked themselves, “Why aren’t we making anything for children?”

Their vision was to create biblical resources in audio and video formats for the Mayan people. But everything they were doing was geared towards adults.

An idea was born to create Bible story videos, using miniature sets and local actors, creating a series of videos that make the Bible come alive for kids using the fresh, interesting format of fingers as actors. Each dramatic episode has been carefully crafted to communicate the heart of the biblical message—not moralizing, adding to, or dumbing down the Scriptures, but authentically conveying the realities of human weakness in each Bible story and how God is the ultimate hero.

We started making the videos for our own people, but when the world started beating a path to our door, we quickly realized the potential for dubbing and sharing them in different languages.

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Media Training & Certification

   IMS Media Training & certification


IMS (SIL International Media Services) offers you a selection of core and specialized training modules to choose from, allowing you to be better equipped for the specific ministry context you are in.

If you are wanting to be certified as a Media Specialist, our obligatory four core modules are: Audio Production, Video Production, The role of media in ministry & holistic development, and Facilitating media. In addition to this, we offer a range of additional specialized courses for those seeking to become Media Consultants such as Dubbing biblical films, Using social media effectively, App building or Participatory radio drama.

Our training helps you…

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Faith-Based Short Films in Taiwan

In Taiwan, there are many creative Christians who are using media and the arts to impact their generation with the Gospel. In this article (originally posted on, I feature three Christian YouTube filmmakers using different approaches to sharing their faith, in both English and Chinese.

Although our office is in Taiwan, our focus on creating media has not been for the Taiwanese people alone, but for people groups all over the world. The church here is mature and growing, with many congregations in Chinese, Taiwanese and other languages.

The government of Taiwan has plans in place to become a bilingual nation by the year 2030. In school, students are taught both English and Chinese and depending on the interest of the student, many have the ability to enjoy watching films in either language with subtitles.

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online film festival

Mini-Film Mini-Preview Online Festival 2021

For the past several years, EMDC has been host to a lineup of films created to highlight stories focused on people and places where the Christian faith is not in the majority or crafted with the express purpose of sharing biblical concepts rich in spiritual depth and meaning. Genres usually include documentaries, animations, live-action, anthropological and experimental.

In 2020 the film festival moved online with the cancellation of our in-person conference. This year of 2021 will be more of the same as the platform will become the meeting place. We will also plan to produce a version that will be uploaded after the event to be enjoyed anytime.

If you want more information about any film, simply email us.

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LUMO Gospel Films

This is the story of Jesus. This is the story of hope for mankind. 
This is the greatest story ever told.

The Lumo Project is a multi-language biblical film resource engaging us with the life of Jesus through the four New Testament Gospels. It presents four films – one for each Gospel account – where we could experience the story of Jesus and the world of First Century Palestine in which he lived. This full-length feature film about the life of Jesus takes the actual four individual Gospel text as its script, word for word, unedited. Five years in the making, this epic production has been critically acclaimed by leading religious scholars as a unique and highly authentic telling of the Jesus story. Narrated by leading British actor David Harewood (‘Homeland’, ‘Blood Diamond’, ‘Merchant of Venice’) it is based on the latest theological, historical and archaeological research. With specially constructed sets and the extraordinarily authentic villages and countryside of rural Morocco, it immerses the viewer in the world of first century Palestine, and also breaking the stereotypical tradition of a westernised Jesus and his life story and presents it as it really was 2000 years ago. 

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Audio/Visual Scripture & Outreach Media Sources

The following is a question that I regularly get asked by “on-the-ground” workers- “How can I find out what scripture/ministry media is available online in my people’s language so I can download and use in our outreach?” The below are the main websites I know to point people to that allow them to search for and download media in their language:

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Who? Why? What? Where? When?

Five W’s to think about when creating content for the web


The EMDC blog is new but we represent a large community of experts and explorers in new technologies and techniques. This post is written for newcomers and experts alike and covers the Five W’s. These are sometimes also referred to as the six W’s (adding “how”) to the list.

In other languages they may start with different letters but the concepts are the same. We need to ask basic questions whether writing a blog post, designing a site, or creating any content.

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