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Disciple Making Movement

MMU (Media to Movements)

Media to Movements is changing how teams and churches around the world use media strategies to find seekers and “persons of peace” so spiritual multiplication results. Check out these stories from teams around the world! Live, mentored courses are available twice a year. The next sessions begin soon.

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  • by Biblica

The Choice is Yours

Reach4Life is a comprehensive, Christian life skills program for young people — with a particular focus on identity, sexuality, and relationships — that brings about holistic spiritual and behavioural transformation. It is based on the idea that real comprehensive behavioral change is only possible once there is a spiritual revolution in the hearts and minds of young people.

Reach4Life is designed to inspire youth to plug into a relationship with God, the raw power of the Bible, the wisdom of saving lovemaking for marriage, the support of a local church, the beauty of a transformed life, and the opportunity to change the world one person at a time.

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Free software every disciple maker should know about

  • by JS

Connecting for discipleship.

In August of 2016, someone put me in touch with Fatima for the first time. I got her phone number and a few days later we sat down in a coffee shop together. Fatima described herself as open minded. I shared the Gospel with her, gave her a New Testament, and we fruitfully discussed what it means to follow Jesus. A decade earlier, Fatima watched a series on TV about the life of the Messiah and found Him compelling. In the weeks that passed I periodically sent her an SMS but she got busy and stopped responding. Fatima remained one of dozens of contacts in my phone with a similar story… a seemingly one-and-done Gospel conversation.

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