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Mini-Film Mini-Preview Online Festival 2021

online film festival

For the past several years, EMDC has been host to a lineup of films created to highlight stories focused on people and places where the Christian faith is not in the majority or crafted with the express purpose of sharing biblical concepts rich in spiritual depth and meaning. Genres usually include documentaries, animations, live-action, anthropological and experimental.

In 2020 the film festival moved online with the cancellation of our in-person conference. This year of 2021 will be more of the same as the platform will become the meeting place. We will also plan to produce a version that will be uploaded after the event to be enjoyed anytime.

If you want more information about any film, simply email us.


Event Title : Mini-Film Mini-Preview Online Festival 2021

Host : Tim Cowley

Description : Highlighting narrative, animation, documentary, promotional and experimental films released in the past year or two that would be best used in our cross-cultural gospel-based ministries. This will be the 90-minute, online version of the Monday evening gathering that we have at on site EMDC. Submit your entries to Tim at

When : Thu, April 8, 2021 02:00 PM GMT (90 minutes)



  1. Can the Bible be Trusted? (Wonder series, Jesus Film Project)
  2. Chosen Witness (Jesus Film Project)
  3. For This Reason (Rock Intl)
  4. ScriptFit (SIL IMS)
  5. Amazing Stories (series selection, GNPI)
  6. The Crucifixion (TWR Motion)


  2. Ruth (Women of the Bible series selection, International Media Ministries)
  3. Live What You Believe (Empower Women Media, series trailer)
  4. Moving Mountains (Mariz Doss & Karen Schenk)


  1. The Dream (Faith Comes By Hearing)
  2. Secret Church (Faith Comes By Hearing)
  3. Brahims Dream (Firestone, Jean-Pierre Maure)


  1. Vision 2033 (Faith Comes By Hearing)
  2. Find Jesus in the Frame (SIM)
  3. Untold Chapters (Ablaze Media)
  4. A Third of Us (Ablaze Media)


  2. The Book (Create International)


  1. Choices (GemStone Media)
  2. The Origins of Tomb Sweeping Day and Easter (Pilgrimage Films)

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