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Exploring the advent of an immersive digital culture

Image generated using OpenAI’s DALL-E

Since the rise of personal computers, humanity’s dependence on and emotional connection to technology continues to break new ground. This entrenched connection empowers people to pursue their social goals at the touch of a finger. Digital communication enables people to make friends with new acquaintances met in online spaces and to form diverse online communities—crossing nearly every type of boundary. Within this complex landscape, many people operate with an unspoken expectation that technological mediation can help them achieve their deep-rooted emotional and social needs.

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Bible StoryFire: Everybody loves a good story…

Getting started in Bible storytelling has never been easier with access to online training called Bible StoryFire. On Story Café (4/23/24) we learned from Regina Manley, the producer of the series how Bible StoryFire is a great resource for beginner storytellers to skilled storyteller discussion leaders alike. This series includes 26 audio lessons and four video models. Read More »Bible StoryFire: Everybody loves a good story…