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Psalms that Sing

A group of Old Testament consultants are developing a series of aids to help translators prepare oral/performance and written translations of psalms that incorporate characteristics of local poetry and which will result in several products – both an exegetically-accurate written translation as well as a number of oral performances of the psalm or portions thereof.

For each psalm, there are four stages to the process, which moves from oral to written to performance. The hope is to capture the creativity of the translators through first preparing an oral translation and performance-excerpts, and then for this translation to be honed (to bring it closer to the Hebrew in terms of accuracy) after a careful study of the exegesis of the text.

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Catching up on what you missed, or what you meant to read/watch/listen to again

  • by Peter B

In 2020 the global pandemic forced us to cancel our live “EMDC” media distribution consultation, and develop a whole suite of online options providing information, training and community, to workers involved in Bible translation and other forms of service amongst ‘minority language communities’ – speakers of the languages that have been at the end of the queue when it comes to receiving scripture and other resources.

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Measuring Scripture Engagement in Digital Ministry

Discipleship and Digital Ministry 

If you are in a digital ministry setting, you know it can be difficult to decide how to differentiate between digital engagements and digital Scripture Engagement. We can get caught up in how many “impressions” we obtain, but forget that our end goal is to make disciples. The video below gives you a taste of how we at FCBH have been working to make disciples and engage with people digitally during this pandemic season. 

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Welcome to EMDC!

Welcome to the EMDC Blog.  We will not say much on this first post except that the EMDC community started in 2010 and has been growing ever since!

We expected 900 people at EMDC 2020, but the virus cancelled that.  With big help from a small team we created and our community has been sharing about all the topics found here.

If you have a blog topic to propose write us at  But for now if you…. have enjoyed attending EMDC, or you are enjoying, the EMDC Podcast, or this blog, please say a quick hello in any of the comment boxes.

Steve Baughman (for the EMDC team).


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