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August 2021

Recording God’s Word by Any Means

  • by FCBH

Imagine: You live in a secluded village on an island in the Pacific. You have only ever known the religion and rituals of your community, but you know in your soul that there must be something more. You yearn for truth and peace. Once, a foreigner brought a book in the local trade language and tried to tell your people about God, but your heart language does not have a written form. Only a few of your family members and friends can read the trade language to a small degree. The book that the foreigner brought contained complex wording that made no sense even to them. You eventually resign yourself to the fact that if there is a God, He doesn’t care about you enough to speak His truth in your language.

…Until one day, your neighbor shows you an interesting device. Emitting from it are words you recognize. Your neighbor tells you that at last, because of this device, your community can hear God speak—in your language.

Faith Comes By Hearing strives to ensure that every last person has the chance to hear God’s Word, no matter where they live or what language they speak. To carry out this work, we employ a variety of methods in recording and providing Scripture to more people.

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Free software every disciple maker should know about

  • by JS

Connecting for discipleship.

In August of 2016, someone put me in touch with Fatima for the first time. I got her phone number and a few days later we sat down in a coffee shop together. Fatima described herself as open minded. I shared the Gospel with her, gave her a New Testament, and we fruitfully discussed what it means to follow Jesus. A decade earlier, Fatima watched a series on TV about the life of the Messiah and found Him compelling. In the weeks that passed I periodically sent her an SMS but she got busy and stopped responding. Fatima remained one of dozens of contacts in my phone with a similar story… a seemingly one-and-done Gospel conversation.

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Orality & Storytelling Part 1 & 2 (EMDC Podcast Episode #9 & #10)

Orality & Storytelling Part 1

Orality & Storytelling Part 2

Episodes 9 and 10, recorded on December 18th 2020, will take us out of the world of storytelling mediums through film, audio and web and introduce us to some ministries designed to equip Christians to better share their faith using communication strategies referred to as storying and orality. In these two episodes you’ll learn from representatives of Simply the Story and Storyweavers, as well as get to know a bit about the International Orality Network.

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