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Websites for Ministry Part 1 & 2 (EMDC Podcast Episode #7 & #8)

Websites for Ministry Part 1

Websites for Ministry Part 2

For our 7th and 8th EMDC Podcast episodes recorded on February 17th 2021, our conversation will look at websites for ministry. Clyde Taber and Keith Williams will focus mainly on the Mobile Ministry Forum, a multi-agency volunteer coalition created to help provide training and insight into how best to use mobile phones in ministry situations. They’ll also touch on the Visual Story Network and Mission Media University, two other ministry focused sites dedicated to furthering the gospel among the unreached through partnerships and training.

If you are looking for a partner to develop a website for ministry, we highly recommend the services of Kalaam Media. In this episode, Steve refers in the beginning of this episode to them. Since 2011 they have become a world wide provider of creation and hosting services for multi-lingual websites and mobile apps, supporting clients in over 70 countries and offering an ecosystem of website and mobile app creation services, client support services, and website and mobile app hosting services.

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Audio/Visual Scripture & Outreach Media Sources

The following is a question that I regularly get asked by “on-the-ground” workers- “How can I find out what scripture/ministry media is available online in my people’s language so I can download and use in our outreach?” The below are the main websites I know to point people to that allow them to search for and download media in their language:

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