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EMDC Mission Statement

EMDC networks and equips the body of Christ to communicate the Gospel in culturally-relevant ways that lead to transformed lives. 

Learn. Connect. Grow.

Providing Content and Connections to Change Lives


EMDC has been a multi-agency consultation that meets annually. It is intended to be a secure venue where minority language workers, Bible translators, literacy workers, language development workers, and “others”, can meet with media specialists (including radio, TV, internet, mobile), IT technicians, recording specialists, graphic artists, and specialists in Orality and EthnoArts (arts, drama, dance).

Follow-up and Scripture Engagement ● Orality & Storytelling ● Scriptures by Mobile Phone ● Scripture Apps ● Scripture Games ● Using Social Media/Networks ● Video & Audio Production ● Creating Video Animation ● Discovery Scripture Studies ● Scriptures and Trauma Healing or Substance Abuse ● Ethno and local arts ● Culturally Correct Forms of Distribution ● Distance Biblical Ed in your language ● Digital Publishing ● DMM ● Minority Language Translation, Distribution, & Literacy

How EMDC Does This

EMDC provides physical & virtual meeting places for 

  • Cutting edge training on relevant communication and media topics
  • Trusted people to share ideas and resources
  • Discussion of niche topics where practitioners can share their stories by podcast, blog, social media, and other available platforms
  • Networking opportunities often leading to rich long-lasting relationships
  • A marketplace atmosphere where providers and users mutually exchange ideas on available (or needed) devices, tools, and strategies

The Ethos of EMDC 

EMDC believes that, “No one else can do what you do, where God has placed you.  It is our goal to help you equip yourself for that task.”