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Guest Column

Compass Braille: Producing the Bible in Braille

 What we do 

Based in the UK, Compass Braille is a registered charity that began in 1990 by producing the Hindi braille Bible. It now produces Bibles and books in 55 languages for worldwide use. The braille is used by various groups who work among people with visual disability in towns and villages and they distribute the braille to churches, house churches, schools, colleges, training/drop-in centres, libraries, etc. 

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Crescent Projects

I work with Crescent Project and we have a ministry opportunity called Embassy that I believe EMDC members would be interested to know about.  Embassy mobilizes ordinary followers of Christ into the extraordinary work God is doing among Muslims – online.
When Tom retired from his government job he wondered what he would do to occupy his time.  He hoped early retirement would open new doors of opportunity to use the gifts God had given him but he wasn’t sure what that looked like.  He had talked to his pastor about serving at the church and his wife had a healthy list of “opportunities” at home but he still felt there was more.  And so when a friend from church invited him to be a part of a Bridges Study, a six lesson DVD series created by the Crescent Project Tom thought, “Why not?”   Despite some initial reservations about the whole Muslim thing, he was excited to see where God would take him.

At the end of the third session the leader shared a short video about a ministry of Crescent Project called Embassy.  Embassy connects Christians with Muslims who speak their language online.  This intrigued Tom and so he decided to give it a try.  Tom applied and then quickly set to work with the onboarding process and then, with the guidance of the Embassy team and the encouragement of other volunteers, he began working to make new friends on secular websites where Muslims who speak English hang out.    

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Policies and Procedures for Sexual Integrity

The Sexual Abuse Around Us

The Ravi Zacharias sexual scandal has been a sobering experience for us all. Here’s a man we all looked up to; an insightful author, a winsome speaker, a beautiful family, a picture-perfect marriage, children who worked with their dad in his ministry.The list could go on and on.

Yet, now his family is humiliated and they’re forced to apologize for the sins of their father. His life’s work has been dismantled, his books recalled and discontinued, his once rich Christian witness now a stain upon Christian testimony.

And yet his situation isn’t uncommon.It’s only the most recent and high profile.

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How to Tell a Dangerous Story

“I know how you can tell this story,” I said to a colleague with a smile. “Someone did something that made a positive change among some group of people in some country, and it’s so amazing everyone needs to know about it!”

We were talking about how to tell stories from “sensitive” or high-risk contexts, and I said this jokingly as we considered what could and could not be said in stories. We had a good laugh and proceeded to find a solution.

While I said this in jest, this is a basic formula for telling impact stories. Of course, usually when applied, it includes real information—not just “something” or “someone.” Yet, what do you do if putting these key details into your story threatens the project you want to write about or risks the lives of your subjects? Should these stories be left untold?

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