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September 2021

Script Fit Videos

In 2019 I went to Southeast Asia to oversee a video dubbing. The team there assured me they had prepared the script to fit the video’s timing, and it was ready for recording. But when we began to dub the video, we realized that, in many parts, segments were too long. In other parts, as we watched the video, we realized that we could often see the actor’s mouth moving but nothing was being said in the dubbed language. We spent many hours of several days adjusting the script to achieve a good dubbing. We needed a translation consultant to approve every change. Precious recording time was lost and the dubbing took days longer than planned. 

When I returned to IMS-Waxhaw, many of my colleagues told me similar experiences they had had on the field. Something needed to be done to help prevent the “script fit blues.” All the instructions for preparing the script are in the Shell Video Manual (Step Five), which every field team receives when they apply to dub a video. But the manual can be a difficult read, especially for non-English speakers. And many people think that when it comes to script fitting, they already know everything they need to know. So I wrote the scripts, and we assembled a team to create two animated videos explaining the why and how of script fitting. Read More »Script Fit Videos

Media Training & Certification

   IMS Media Training & certification


IMS (SIL International Media Services) offers you a selection of core and specialized training modules to choose from, allowing you to be better equipped for the specific ministry context you are in.

If you are wanting to be certified as a Media Specialist, our obligatory four core modules are: Audio Production, Video Production, The role of media in ministry & holistic development, and Facilitating media. In addition to this, we offer a range of additional specialized courses for those seeking to become Media Consultants such as Dubbing biblical films, Using social media effectively, App building or Participatory radio drama.

Our training helps you…

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Women: Record The Bible

During many long hours of commuting in heavy traffic and listening to lots of great audio books, we noticed a silent space in the audio book world when it came to the Bible. Women’s voices were missing. her.BIBLE brings the Word of God to life through a  multi-ethnic U.S. women’s narration of the New Living Translation in English. We pray that as you listen, you will connect with the heart of God on a deeper level.

Do women’s voices make a difference? We believe they do. When we think of women as a people group, wouldn’t we want to reachout to them in their heart language?

Our goal is to produce a great audio Bible using women’s comforting voices—as if your mother is reading to you. We also want women to feel their value to God, grow in faith through hearing, and fully engage in his kingdom work.

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Ethnoarts Part 1 & 2 (EMDC Podcast Episode #11 & #12)

Ethnoarts Part 1

Ethnoarts Part 2

Episodes 11 and 12, recorded on December 4th, 2020, will focus on ethnoarts. Ethnoarts is all about joining with community artists in working toward a better future… one of justice, peace, joy, physical safety, social continuity, and spiritual wholeness. This participatory process draws on years of experience and insights from ethnomusicology, ethnography of communication, performance studies, participatory community development, and other fields.

Our guests include Dr. Robin Harris, chair of the Center for Excellence in World Arts at Dallas International University who also serves as the president of the Global Ethnodoxology Network, and Matt Menger an Arts Consultant with SIL who has worked in Southeast Asia for the past 12 years. Matt has his master’s degree in music and is just beginning work on a Ph.D. in World Arts at Dallas International University.

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