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One Matchstick – The Senga Fire

“When we work together with our different gifts, we can say, ‘God has accomplished this.'” 
Rev. Katete Jackson Jones, BiLTA, Zambia

One year ago, Faith Comes By Hearing‘s video team set out to capture an incredible story of community transformation through God’s Word in audio. Now, the organization is ready to share that story with the world.

One Matchstick: The Senga Fire, tells the incredible true story of the Senga of Zambia receiving the Bible in their language for the first time in the tribe’s 2,000- year history.

Prior to this monumental breakthrough, no written or oral translation of Scripture existed in the Senga’s mother tongue. For years, interaction with the Bible in any meaningful way required the Senga to learn the languages of neighboring tribes. Though they desired to know and understand the Bible, their tribe was deemed too small to receive a written translation.

Through partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing, the Senga people persevered against all odds to translate and record Audio Scripture in their language. Faith Comes By Hearing’s innovative Oral Bible Translation methodology and technology enabled the tribe to produce an accurate and faithful oral Bible translation without a written translation.

In One Matchstick: The Senga Fire, marvel at the incredible story of one Truth, one tribe, and one passion to see the Word of God cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

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