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Catching up on what you missed, or what you meant to read/watch/listen to again

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In 2020 the global pandemic forced us to cancel our live “EMDC” media distribution consultation, and develop a whole suite of online options providing information, training and community, to workers involved in Bible translation and other forms of service amongst ‘minority language communities’ – speakers of the languages that have been at the end of the queue when it comes to receiving scripture and other resources.

EMDC a consultation that became a classroom, a blog, a podcast, a guide and which remains a community

The live conference is taking place again this week but since April 2020 we have hosted over 360 online classes and courses and published 80 short blog posts. If you are a member of the community you can view recordings of many past sessions at and anyone on the web can read, re-read, and recommend any of the 100+ blog posts under categories including

…and many more

How many have you read? How many have you meant to read again or pass on to someone else?

Whenever you are reading this “now” is either a good time to look back over some previous posts and/or classes, or block out some time in your calendar for when you can.

You can give feedback on posts either on the post itself or within the EMDC Facebook community.

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