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Policies and Procedures for Sexual Integrity

The Sexual Abuse Around Us

The Ravi Zacharias sexual scandal has been a sobering experience for us all. Here’s a man we all looked up to; an insightful author, a winsome speaker, a beautiful family, a picture-perfect marriage, children who worked with their dad in his ministry.The list could go on and on.

Yet, now his family is humiliated and they’re forced to apologize for the sins of their father. His life’s work has been dismantled, his books recalled and discontinued, his once rich Christian witness now a stain upon Christian testimony.

And yet his situation isn’t uncommon.It’s only the most recent and high profile.

Widespread Sexual Sin

New York Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz was recently released from his position because he was having an affair. Likewise, bestselling author and pastor, Bill Hybels, stepped down due to a wide range of sexual sins. Sadly, this list just scratches the surface as pastors and youth pastors are being exposed and denounced.

Now, this isn’t merely a western issue. These issues are taking place in organizations, ministries, and churches all across the world.

My own youth pastor when I was a kid — a man with a flourishing ministry of trust and a beautiful wife — was discovered to have been molesting my friends. This is an experience that still haunts me, though not nearly as much as it continues to haunt my childhood friends.

Organizations and People

These issues of sexual violation have repercussions on organizations and people, alike. From top to bottom, all of our lives have been impacted. Some, much more than others.

The non-profit I work with focuses specifically on sexual integrity. We create resources and training for individuals, families, churches, and organizations.

Hundreds of people have asked us to create a guideline for organizations to help protect against scandals involving sexual misconduct. So we have.

We’ve created a guide of policies and procedures for organizations as they strive to equip their people with both safety and freedom.

Too many organizations and churches are wrestling with abuse and pornography, and we want to help. And on top of that, we want to help you for free.

Some Real Help

The resource that we’ve created is designed to be both preventative and proactive. In other words, not only will it guide you in how to respond to abuse and misconduct, but it will also help you train your people in order to prevent abuse and misconduct from taking place.

It deals with everything from working with children, male-female relationships, training in integrity, and how to respond when misconduct takes place.

This resource is not simply for organizational leaders, but for team leaders, pastors, church planters, and parents. It’s a resource that you can send to your leadership, or it’s one you can implement yourself. The resource isn’t merely about forming an organizational structure. It’s about keeping people—between co-workers, church members, and even your own family—safe.

We’ve made this resource completely free and available for EMDC. With all our hearts, we want you to flourish. We want you, your teams, and your children to be safe. And we want the Christian gospel to be consistent in the lives of Christians as they witness to the goodness of God.

So, check out the free policies and procedures. Pass it along. Implement it among your churches, organizations, teams, and families. And should you want further training with this resource, then reach out to us at

We made this resource so that we can train you in it. That’s our heart and that’s our goal. We’re here to serve you, and we’re here to equip you.

You can access the free resource at

We believe in you. May the grace and strength of Jesus be among you and within you.

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  1. Thanks for addressing this issue and setting some guidelines. It’s not just in US but it’s a worldwide honey traps which the devil uses! So, believers and especially those who are in ministry should be cautious and seek the strength and power from God the Holy Spirit to be holy!

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