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Consensus group method 

Research can be simple and doable, and even fairly cheap. How come?

Consensus group method, invented by Dennis List (READ HERE), is a way to find out opinions of a certain group of people, and even make a conclusion during the group time.

Do you want to know how relevant the current audio content is to your audience? Invite them to come together for an evaluation session. Once you get to 10-12 volunteers to come together at a certain time, you make them listen the content. After listening, you discuss based on the research questions.

For example, you can ask the group after listening…How was the music in the content? To what extent was the language spoken understood? How about the length of the program? To what extent the content was meeting the audience needs?

You choose ten to twenty questions to discuss. After each question discussion, the group makes a sentence, or a statement together. For example: “the music was old-fashioned”. After the statement is formed and written on the blackboard, each member of the group votes, whether they agree with the statement or not. If 70% of the group agrees with the statement, the sentence will be concluded as representing the consensus of the group.

In results, you explain all the statements, also those statements where the consensus was not found. Based on the results, you draw conclusions about how to change your content.

Compared to focus groups, consensus group does not need to be transcribed. You decide about the conclusion and results right at the spot, during the consensus group event. The only thing is you need to be observant and vigilant during the group time. Preferably have an assistant who can help you formulate and write the statements on the board.

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Dr. Eila Murphy, FEBC

To watch a video presentation on this topic go to…

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