Strange places to see scripture – would anywhere be wrong?

Since 1883, Abram Lyle & Sons Ltd have been using a picture of a dead lion accompanied by a quote from Judges 14:14 to sell syrup.

This might seem strange to some people but isn’t the only place you might come across unexpected Bible verses. Almost 30 years ago the city of Tagbilaran in the Philippines passed a local law requiring that a Scripture be painted on the back of all tricycles. Even when not officially required, Bible verses appear in a number of unexpected places.

(see news story on from 2014 )


The question for you today isn’t just, “What is the strangest place you’ve seen a Bible verse?”, but “Is there anywhere it would be wrong/unacceptable to print a Bible verse?”.

Is it okay in your culture to have a Bible verses as a tattoo? (and if so does it matter what verse and where)
Would it be okay to have scripture verses on t-shirts or swimwear?
Is it okay to have Bible themed playing cards?

If you are a church leader or Bible translator is there anywhere that you would not want to see scripture verses printed with your church or translation mentioned as having given permission?

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The answer to what is appropriate and acceptable will vary from culture to culture and perhaps from generation to generation but is perhaps one reason Bible publishers don’t always give open licences to use there text without asking, and why even if they do, why it is worth checking a product with the intended audience and others in the community.

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