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Some people like videos, some like books. So here is a video about Bloom – free, open source software from SIL International, that makes it easy for users with modest computer skills to create simple books, in any script and any language …and for those who prefer to read rather than watch and listen we include a modified version of the transcript.

It is especially good for making books for new readers. You can create templates for other content creators to use.
Users can easily make bilingual and trilingual books.
Bloom lets you go beyond print materials with built-in tools for adding audio to books, to create talking books.
You can add alt text and audio descriptions to images for visiually-impaired readers, and Bloom can check your book for accessibility problems.
Sign language users can embed video clips in pages to make sign language books.
Bloom makes it easy to print small runs of booklets on a desktop printer.
You can also distribute your books as PDFs, ePUBs, or in Bloom’s own “Bloom Reader” format for Android devices.
Institutional users can subscribe to Bloom Enterprise, a package of publishing features with additional layout, branding, and publishing options.
Best of all, you can share your Bloom books with others through the Bloom Library website.
Bloom Library currently has over eleven thousand books in over five hundred languages, all free to be translated and adapted.
Bloom is free software for Windows and Linux computers.
There are lots of examples in the Read section and lots more help and training videos in the Create section
New features are constantly being added including new features for including interactive features such as quizzes comprehension tests and games with a variety of HTML widgets.




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