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Living Water …a different kind of audio Bible

Originally blogged by Peter Brassington on Feb. 13, 2024 HERE

I recently realised that across the different bible apps on my phone I have access to over 30 different audio Bibles, read from different versions, in many different voices, and with or without a backing track, but I didn’t realise until yesterday that I had the entire New Testament sung by award winning Gospel artists to a piano accompaniment.

It is provided as one of the options on YouVersion for listening to the ESV. Clicking below will take you to where you can both hear the full text of the ESV New Testament sung, and hear a little of the story behind it the project which launched in 2022 releasing one chapter per day.

As the website explains this is not the first time scripture have been sung, in fact the Psalms themselves provided inspiration for the project and there is a long history of singing scripture and prayers. Perhaps more on the history of sung scripture in another post, and certainly more on the many audio Bibles available. (take a look at the selections on YouVersion, Faith Comes by Hearing and Bible Gateway)


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