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Women: Record The Bible

During many long hours of commuting in heavy traffic and listening to lots of great audio books, we noticed a silent space in the audio book world when it came to the Bible. Women’s voices were missing. her.BIBLE brings the Word of God to life through a  multi-ethnic U.S. women’s narration of the New Living Translation in English. We pray that as you listen, you will connect with the heart of God on a deeper level.

Do women’s voices make a difference? We believe they do. When we think of women as a people group, wouldn’t we want to reachout to them in their heart language?

Our goal is to produce a great audio Bible using women’s comforting voices—as if your mother is reading to you. We also want women to feel their value to God, grow in faith through hearing, and fully engage in his kingdom work.

People are responding!


“Listening to her.BIBLE,  I hear my mother, I hear a friend. I think that’s my sister in Christ. And there’s this concept of safety in that voice, rather than instruction. A voice of a female says, ‘This is a story that I’m part of.’” Anjelina Maldonado

“I decided to listen before I endorsed, which left me listening to the whole book of Matthew in the middle of the night,” Colin Akehurst said. “I listen to hundreds of hours of audio Bible every year [with] male readers, and I noticed right away that the female narrator brought a different facet of God’s heart, which I had never before experienced. Hearing a daughter read her Father’s love letter really gives a new perspective.”


Sarah, a human trafficking survivor wrote, “I just want  to say thank you, a thousand times to the people who put together her.BIBLE. It is such a powerful way to soak up scripture.”

We always dreamed that hearing God’s Word in women’s comforting voices would help people connect with God in a new way. Our Cru team spent time with Sarah and others and wrote an amazing blog, Women’s Voices, God’s Story, about how people’s lives are changing through listening to her.BIBLE.

We were delighted to host a session with EMDC to explain how we moved from an idea, to having an app available for everyone to use. We have about 75% of the Bible on our website and hope to complete the remaining 25% sometime next year. Our long term dream is to coach women to record the Bible in their own languages.  Please contact us through the her.BIBLE webpage.

Ted Wilcox, © Cru Storylines

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