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Pencil Bible is a beautifully simple Bible app for journaling, crafting notes, and visually capturing scripture. ✎ It doesn’t matter if you’re a notetaker, artist, prayer warrior, journaler, or just a daily reader. Pencil Bible helps you experience the Bible on a whole new level.

How does it work?

  • Choose your favorite translation (new translations added all the time)
  • Customize your Bible by choosing a font, font size, line space, drawing space, and white space
  • Now you can draw, write, take notes, journal, doodle, create and read your Bible on the iPad in style
  • Save scripture in customizable folders (coming soon)
  • Choose light mode or dark mode
  • Search
  • Safely store all your annotations in the cloud

Pencil Bible gives the ability to write, doodle, and create next to scriptures in the Bible – on your digital devices. This has various advantages:

  • Helps you remember scriptures better
  • Gives you a fresh approach to the Bible.
  • Brings more depth and understanding into your Bible study time
  • Discover God’s word in new and different ways
  • Enhances the Bible experience on a digital device like an iPad

With the Apple Pencil, Pencil Bible brings the closest thing to a physical writing tool to your iPad. Ultra-low latency, with tilt and pressure support, makes pens, pencils, and other drawing tools come alive. Pencil Bible is available on iPadOS. Download in the Apple App Store. The app is available for free with basic features or with an in-app subscriptions paywall for premium features.

The Story of Pencil Bible

The Pencil Bible (PB) started as a simple idea during the Christmas Holidays of 2019 🎄. Every morning, Erin (the founder of PB) would wake up early ☕️ (usually before the kids) to do Bible study. When he gets to his favorite couch though, his pencils, erasers, and notebooks are usually missing or have been procured for drawings of kittens and trees ✏️. He was super frustrated and needed a simpler solution 😫.
Exploring the then-available Bible apps for the iPad, Erin found them very limiting and frustrating when it came to taking notes, journaling, or doodling. He started thinking about the concept of a digital Bible app that gives you the total freedom to do this 🤔.

The more he thought and prayed 🙏 about it, the more various possibilities took shape. What if you stripped away all the unnecessary functionality of current Bible apps, and add a beautiful, minimalistic design that is purely focused on the iPad in line with modern UI and UX principles?

With that foundation in mind, what if you add the ability to freely annotate any Bible translation as well? Boom 💥🤯

After some more brainstorming, a team of talented designers called Pepper Plane made the first design prototypes for what was then called “The Bible for Creatives” just before the lockdown started in 2020. Funds to build the very first version of the app were raised via an Indiegogo campaign which successfully ran till October 2020. This also helped to prove the concept works and build a fantastic following along the way.

The project was later renamed Pencil Bible instead of the Bible for Creatives (to make everyone feel included – even though we all are creative).

The journey to the current version of Pencil Bible was over 2 years long, using three different developer agencies to code the app and getting rejected by 2 Bible publishers (Erin blogged about the whole experience here 👉🏻

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