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Medical Outreach for Scripture Engagement Sustainability (MOSES): A Case Study on the MOSES methodology in South Asia

Submission for the 2021 Bible Translation Conference

 After decades of tireless sowing by pioneers around the globe, national movements to translate the Scriptures into non-dominant language groups have truly sprung to life in the Global South. With hundreds of translations being published in the last twenty years, recent data shows that many of these Bibles do not have much of an audience. In many cases, the problem has become people-less Bibles rather than Bible-less peoples. Our team was convinced that the remedy to the lack of demand for the book is to introduce people to the Author. The Medical Outreach for Scripture Engagement and Spiritual growth (MOSES) approach adapts the Leader Source spiritual formation program design methodology to working with local stakeholders to build bridges to the Bible through God encounters that meet the felt needs of the community.


This EMDC presentation walks through the survey, development, and implementation experience of MOSES in two rural South Asian language communities with a recently published New Testament. The missiology of watering existing churches through training in power evangelism, event coordination, and conducting Discovery Bible Study (1 Cor 3:6-9a) undergirds the values of practically demonstrating the gospel through need-based activities ((Mk 8:1-13; Mk 8:22-26), proclaiming it with power (Ac 2:38-39), and immersing the community in the love of Christ (Ac 2:42-47). A template for the methodology is explained along with the necessity of broad local partnerships as a way to engage the community as a whole in the invitation to know God through the words of Scripture and His desire to meet people no matter where they are or how much they are suffering. An examination of the monitoring and evaluation process with Rev79 leads into adjusting the program through reflexive accountability and celebrating the works of God in the community.

I am available for coaching and consultation and would rejoice in the opportunity to partner with you in developing a strategy, medical or otherwise, that meets the needs of your community. I will also be offering two sessions through EMDC online on Nov 10 and 17. The first will be called “Parting the Waters: Discovering your community needs” and look at the survey and program design process in a workshop setting. The second will be a group coaching workshop entitled “MOSES Program Design Workshop” that will allow the participants to take their community specific survey and brainstorm ideas for meeting the needs revealed therein.

Thank you for all that you do in bringing God’s word to the ends of the earth!

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