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The Untapped Power of Media for Mobilization

The State of the World

In a survey done by Barna Research, it showed that 51% of the U.S. churchgoers do not know the Great Commission and 63% could not even correctly identify Matthew 28:18-20 as the Great Commission when given 5 verses to choose from.  Media and social media have played a major role in desimination of information whether true or false, and have lead to response and action among people. Are we creating enough digital awareness through videos and on social media about the needs of the Unreached People Groups?

An Imbalance

There are many amazing producers creating high quality Gospel and evangelistic content to share about Jesus in the digital space.  But when it comes to videos on mission awareness, missions education and Unreached People Groups, the list is pretty short.  Many missions mobilization videos either have outdated statistics or organization-specific recruitment videos and can not be used generally across churches for missions awareness purposes.

The Need

We need to see more media producers, social media influencers, content creators, and journalists that will seek to create awareness in the digital space about the urgency to give Unreached People Groups access to the Gospel.  If media producers and content creators will commit to working together to educate the church about the urgency to give everyone a chance to hear the Gospel – then, we might see a new generation of young missionaries rising up, committing themselves to be witness among the Unreached.


If you are a media producer, screenwriter, illustrator, animator, designer, or mobilizer, we need you! Join us on March 29th, as we discuss how we can collaborate and work together in producing content that will wake the church up to be involved in God’s global work.

MARCH 29 – Affinity Group: Mobilization Media Producers. / Media For Mobilization, 13:00 GMT.  You can also write to:

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